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Neopedia : A Light Faerie

A smiling Light Faerie
Name: A Light Faerie
Species: Faerie
Age: Older than you can imagine
Population: 33,000 (estimated)
Occupation: Ensuring good triumphs over evil

Light Faeries spend most of their days in the cloud realms of Neopia and are rarely seen in Neopia. They are pure of heart and devoted to the cause of good. If a creature is noble and bold of heart, these magical sprites can grant him or her powers such as bless and restore.

Luna and Marque had been travelling for hours through the woods and night was beginning to fall. "I'm so tired. Can't we stop, Luna?"

"Shhh... what was that?"

"Help! Help! Let me out!" cried a barely audible voice. It seemed to come from under their feet. Luna peered down and began pawing through the undergrowth. The little voice got gradually louder as the young Lupe scraped away the soil.

A Light Faerie trapped in a bottle Suddenly Luna's claws hit something solid. "I've found something," cried Luna. Marque joined in and soon they held a small dirty jar in their paws. Marque wiped away the grime and then gasped. A dim glow came from within the bottle. "Open it up, Marque," yelped Luna excitedly.

Marque uncorked the jar and out flew a little spark of light. The light grew brighter and brighter as it whizzed around their heads.

"Thank you, thank you," said the little voice. "I had been stuck in that bottle for so long my wings were aching."

Wow, it's a real faerie, thought Luna. She didn't think they really existed!

The little light faerie flew up to rest on Marque's nose. "Thank you so much. I will reward your kindness by granting you both a very special power; it is called Bless and will protect you in battle. Use it wisely, young Lupes..." With that, the faerie disappeared, leaving Luna and Marque confused and excited to continue on their journey.