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Neopedia : Jhuidah and the Cooking Pot

Jhuidah and the Cooking Pot
The Jetsam emerged from the cool, blue water, out onto the sandy shore of Mystery Island. He was clutching a mound of spongy, pink... things.

"I got some! I got some!" he shouted as he ran up the shore towards a red Zafara, who was lounging on a beach chair with a bag of oranges at her side. "Look, Sheeli! I finally got some!"

Hearing the Jetsam's shouts, Sheeli rose up from her chair and looked in her friend's direction. As she saw the pounds of coral between his fins, a broad grin stretched over her face.

"That's great, Wilven!" she said, picking up her bag of oranges from the sand. "Now that we've got all we need, we can finally get those orange coral shelves for our Neohome!"

"Let's go see the Island Faerie now!" Wilven said. Sheeli nodded in agreement.

The two excited Neopets hurried through the dense Mystery Island trees, until they reached a clearing in the jungle. This was their destination: the home of Jhuidah, the famous Island Faerie. As they approached, they saw her hunched over the enormous Cooking Pot, busily stirring the frothy, bubbling liquid inside.

"Welcome, strangers!" she said, looking up from her work. "Do you seek the use of my magical Cooking Pot, or have you come to rest in my quiet home?"

"Yep!" Wilven said, nearly tripping over his own fins as he rushed towards the giant pot. He looked at the Zafara as they both held up the items they needed to create orange coral shelves: a bag of oranges and some coral. "This is all we need, ri--"

"Wilven, be quiet!" Sheeli whispered, nudging the Jetsam with her elbow. "Yes, Miss Jhuidah, we're ready."

"Very well," the faerie said, motioning towards the gigantic pot sitting in front of her. The Zafara threw all her oranges into the huge cauldron (each landing in the liquid with a considerably loud SPLOOSH!), followed by Wilven's pink coral. "Let us see if your gifts are suitable for the Great Pango Pango!"

"Erm... the Great Pango Pango?" Wilven asked, laughing uneasily. The two Neopets looked apprehensively at one another, and then at Jhuidah.

Suddenly, Jhuidah's eyes blazed red, and her body slowly lifted off the floor. Wilven and Sheeli looked on in fear as the pot that they'd deposited their items in began to uncontrollably spew thick green liquid from its mouth, causing the entire area to be soaked in an emerald-coloured froth.

The two looked up past the entranced Faerie, and noticed that a shadow was overtaking the clearing. Wilven pointed a trembling fin towards what looked to be like a mountain rising right behind Jhuidah.

It was no mountain -- it was the Great Pango Pango. The mammoth being rose slowly from a deeper part of the jungle, until he'd stood in all his glory... and roared. His thunderous bellow shook the mountains, making waves rumble on the waters and stirring the lava that boiled beneath the island... The Great One's roar also made the two Neopians more terrified than they'd ever been before.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" the two screamed, gazing up at the titanic figure. They turned towards the way they came, running away faster than you could say "Tigersquash".

Nearby, in one of the native villages, two young Kougras sat playing with a Cybunny ball. Their game, however, was soon interrupted by two ear-splittingly loud screams, which were then followed by two sprinting Neopians who, unsurprisingly enough, were screaming ear-splittingly loud.

"Cooking Pot?" one Kougra asked contentedly, glancing at the other.

"Oh yeah."