Neopedia : Cybunny Beauty Contest

"And now, our next contestant... Karina!"

The beautiful Blue Cybunny arched her back and gracefully strutted onto the stage. There were numerous "oohhs" and "ahhhs" as the audience admired her beautiful coat. The judges studied her carefully; the Cybunny Carnival's Best Fur Competition was serious business. Karina, however, was just here to have fun and enjoy the day. After turning around for the judges, she hopped off stage, kicking her legs in excitement and fun.

A Faerie Cybunny rolled her eyes and snuck a look at another contestant, a Fire Cybunny, who winked at her. They both then turned to corner the cheerful Blue Cybunny.

"Just WHAT do you think you're doing?" the Faerie Cybunny asked, sneering.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Karina asked, confused.

"We mean why in Neopia would you think you have any right to even TRY to compete with US in the Best Fur competition?" the Fire Cybunny explained.

"Uh, I thought the contest was open to all Cybunnies?" Karina said.

"Well, technically it may be, but it is simply an insult to us beautiful Cybunnies, that some common-coated imp such as yourself would even have the nerve to compete with us!" the Faerie Cybunny finished, sticking her nose up in the air.

Karina eyed the two Cybunnies like they were crazy. "Okaaaay..." she said, backing away. "Erm, well... good luck in the competition!" she yelled while hopping away from the strange pair.

"The NERVE of her!" the Fire Cybunny growled. "Let's go," she said, motioning to her friend. "It's almost our turn to WIN this competition." The two giggled, then stepped up to the waiting area to be announced.

"And the winner is... KARINA!"

"WHAT?!?" the Faerie Cybunny screeched, nearly turning as red as her flame-licked friend. "URRUMF!" she screamed between clenched teeth before turning away. She couldn't bear to watch the common Blue Cybunny win such a prestigious award.

The two disgruntled Cybunnies continued to wander around the fairground as if there was a storm cloud above their heads. Other fairgoers were wise to avoid them and their harsh tempers.

Abruptly, the Fire Cybunny stopped and pointed. There, standing by the cotton candy cart, was Karina. A nasty glint appeared in both their eyes, and they headed over to the unsuspecting young Cybunny, surrounding her for the second time that day.

"Oommf!" Karina yelled, as the older Cybunnies shoved her into a nearby mud puddle.

"Haha! Look at your beauty queen now!" the Faerie Cybunny yelled in the direction of the passing crowd. She sneered gleefully... after all, what could be more horrible than getting mud all over yourself in public?

However, it was not the Blue Cybunny who received the crowd's abhorred looks--it was the two Cybunnies standing over the mud-drenched youngster.

"I wonder why that aren't laughing at her? She--" the Fire Cybunny was interrupted however, by a glop of mud hitting her in the face. Her friend screeched in horror as another mudball splattered on her beautiful wings. The two whirled to see an angry crowd, their hands heavy with another load of mud ready for them. The two Cybunnies screamed, then fled... as balls of mud splattered at their retreating feet.

Karina laughed along with the crowd as the two mortified Cybunnies fled the fairgrounds.