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Neopedia : Hoban

Name: Hoban
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Species: Aisha
Interests: Navigating, enjoying a constant state of disgruntlement.
Quote: "Yeah, let's see you laugh when I sail you into a storm."

Though his social skills could use a little work, Hoban is an excellent navigator and has successfully led The Cyodrake's Gaze through many violent storms and always returned her safely to harbour. Perhaps Hoban's greatest adventure, though, is the time he was pushed overboard by an enraged shipmate. He floated in a crate filled with supplies for quite some time before he was found (due to the efforts of countless Neopians who pieced together the mystery of which part of the ship he fell from, when it occurred, who pushed him, where to search for him, and if they truly did like his hat).

After he was found, he told his version of the tale, affirming the suspicion of many that Bonju was to blame. Hopefully, during his weeks afloat in a crate he reflected on the impressive number of reasons why one should never insult a chef's masterpiece.