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Neopedia : Xanstalon

Quiguki Princess "What a beautiful day," the young Quiguki princess sighed, as she left Quigara castle for her daily walk to the royal pond. If only I had a handsome prince to share it with... she thought, while making her way down the grassy hill. The morning sun glittered across her beautiful hair, which she flung with a swift movement of her neck, revealing her green, spotted face. "Oh Prince Frogar, you want to take me to the royal ball?" she giggled, talking to the imaginary prince. "Why, I don't know what to say... I'll have to ask my father, the King of Quigara for permission, of course. I-" the princess stopped in mid-sentence, as she caught sight of the pond.

There, sitting on a toadstool, was a... human?! Surprised, yet curious, the Quiguki princess made her way to the pond for a closer look. Her father had always warned her that humans were dangerous, but this one didn't seem very aggressive. It just sat on a lily pad, with a rather vacant look in its eyes.

Remembering ancient tales, which told of handsome princes disguised as vile creatures in ponds, a terrible thought came to the young princess' mind. Looking around to make sure that no one would see, she waded into the pond. The funny looking human-creature made no move to flee, so she crept closer. With one final glance around, she quickly planted a wet Quiguki kiss on the human.

The pond seemed to explode, and water flew everywhere as the princess was flung onto some nearby grass. Looking up, she gasped in horror. The human had changed into a Quiguki all right, but not into a Quiguki prince! The evil looking Quiguki then turned towards the frightened princess and laughed maniacally.

Xanstalon "Thank you, my dear lady," he said in a condescending voice, "for freeing me from hundreds of years of imprisonment!"

"W-who are you?" the princess asked, her eyes welling up with tears.

An evil grin spread across the stranger's face. "Why, I am Xanstalon! Evil sorcerer of darkness! Muhahahahaa...the second age of darkness has begun!"