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Neopedia : Web of Vernax

The little Vernax shivered and shuddered, bound within the sticky strands of the web. It looked around with its large eyes, seeking a way to escape. However, the more it struggled, the tighter its bonds became.

The Vernax had been minding its own business as it moved across the kitchen floor, picking up a crumb here and there, when its foot got caught in something. It tried to get its foot free, but then, the poor creature's other foot got stuck... and another... and another. Soon, every one of its limbs was bound up tight. It was unable to move at all, except for its eyes... which now saw the source of the web.

Its body moved quickly, like liquid shadow. Its teeth drooled, and red eyes glowed hungrily. Tiptoeing across the web, the beast drew closer... and closer... emitting a chortle from behind its razor sharp teeth.

Creeping up to the little Vernax, its face was close enough to feel the Petpetpet's breath on its face. The Spyder snickered, then touched the Vernax's face with one of its six legs.

"Tag," the Spyder said. "You're it!"

If the Vernax could have moved its jaw, then it surely would have dropped. The Spyder laughed at the Vernax's good fortune, recalling the huge lunch it had eaten just hours earlier. I suppose I shall let you live, the Spyder thought while slicing at webs with its claws and teeth, allowing the Petpetpet to fall freely to the floor. As for tomorrow, the Spyder declared, I wouldn't count on being so lucky. The Vernax looked up at the Spyder for another moment... then ran as fast as it could across the floor, back towards the safety of its hiding place.

Typical, the Spyder thought to itself. They NEVER want to play!