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Neopedia : A Sad Scorchio Day

Markus can't watch the parade
Hip-hip, hooray!
The Scorchios are on parade today!
Everyone come out and see,
And fill this special day with glee!

Markus sighed as he listened to the pets cheer and applaud the Scorchios marching down the street. He, however, sat in a dingy alley, too embarrassed to show himself. Depressed, he looked at his reflection in a nearby puddle. He kept hoping it was all a bad dream, but he found (to his dismay) that he was still...

Pink, he thought as he drooped his head low and his mind drifted to last week, when he had accidentally bumped into someone holding a Pink Paint Brush, and fallen into the Rainbow Pool, and lost his marvelous Starry colour to a ridiculous accident.

Now he sat alone, wiping tears from his eyes as he thought of all the other Scorchios out enjoying this special day. How could he possibly show himself, though?

"Hey, look!" a voice shouted. "A Scorchio! Why aren't you in the parade?" Horrified, Markus ran down the alley, trying to hide his face. "Hey, wait up! Why are you running?" The Scorchio could now hear footsteps chasing behind him.

Reaching the dead end of the alley, Markus could only dive into an overturned rubbish bin to hide himself from his pursuer. "G-go a-away!" he cried, his voice muffled and echoing within the bin.

"What's the matter?" asked a Blumaroo, climbing on top of the bin and dangling his head over the side to peer in. The only response he got was muffled sniffs. Undaunted, the Blumaroo continued trying to talk to the Scorchio. "Come on, you can tell me," he insisted.

A nosy Blumaroo peeks inside the trashcan Irritated that the nosy Blumaroo would not leave him alone, he responded, "Fine, if I tell you, will you please go away?"

"If that's what you want, friend. Don't worry, whatever it is, I won't laugh..." the Blumaroo assured Markus.

The Scorchio quickly explained the situation, and bid the Blumaroo a curt goodbye. Frowning at the poor Scorchio's misfortune, the Blumaroo slid off the bin, walking away as he'd promised to do. Hmm, the Blumaroo thought, he didn't say I couldn't come BACK, though. Smirking at his cleverness, the Blumaroo ran off down the alley.

Shortly after, the Scorchio was irritated to again find footsteps coming down the alley. He heard something atop the bin, and he shouted, "GO AWAY!" However, after several minutes, he had not heard anything get off the rubbish bin, or leave the alley. Infuriated that no one would leave him in peace, he stuck his head out of the bin, looked at the top and began yelling, "FOR THE LAST TIME! I SAID GO AW--" Markus finds a paint brush!

Markus stopped in mid-shout, and his yells turned into a gasp. There, sitting on top of the bin, was a brand new Starry Paint Brush. The Scorchio crawled out of the rubbish and looked around. He was all alone in the alley. He looked all around, but couldn't see anyone. Unable to believe the kind gesture, Markus gently picked up the paint brush and hugged it to his chest. "Thank you!" he shouted, hoping the special person would hear.

Hidden behind the ledge of a roof above, the Blumaroo smiled.