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Neopedia : Gruslens

The Discovery of Gruslens

From the journal of Professor J. Kugar

5th day of Hunting,

During my recent hike into the Tyrannian Plateau, the strangest thing occurred. One moment I was standing there, talking to my assistant, and the next, something rather furry had collided with my head. Gazing up I saw two large tusks, and a pair of fierce looking eyes staring back at me! Needless to say, I fell over from surprise; that's when the strange furry thing leaped onto my stomach. I made an attempt to push it off, but it growled at me.

My assistant picked up some small stones to throw at it, but sadly his aim was none too good, as he only managed to bruise me. Meanwhile, the strange creature began sniffing at my pockets. I deduced this creature must not be a Neopet, as it seemed incapable of articulating itself beyond a series of small growls and other sounds. It finally stuck its nose into one of the pockets of my jacket, withdrawing some dried trail rations, which it happily began to munch on.

Seeing as its intent had been to make a snack of my rations, rather than myself, I calmed down significantly. Readjusting my spectacles, I took a better look at the creature. It was orange, with black stripes, large eyes (which now seemed much more friendly), and two large tusks (which still were a bit intimidating). The creature's furry coat actually made it seem quite the lovable creature! I wondered if, perhaps, I would be able to make it my pet. After all, it would be quite useful for guarding the museum at night...

Thus began the taming of what we known today as the Gruslen. Though many still roam wild, most have found happy homes as delightful, beloved Petpets.