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Neopedia : Neoschool: Mr. Lupid

Name : Mr. Lupid
Species : Lupe
Age : 26
Occupation : Art Instructor
Favourite Colour : Red
Favourite Artist : Pablo de'Kiko
Most famous work : Elephante in Repose No. 3
Quote : "There's nothing more inspiring than a paint brush and a blank canvas."

The students look around their new art classroom, scrutinising the strange abstract paintings on the walls. They giggle, as one declares that, if this is all they are expected to produce, then this class will be an "easy A." The doorknob begins to turn, and they quickly take their seats.

"Welcome, class... welcome!" says Mr. Lupid as he enters the room full of murmuring students. They fall silent as they gaze upon their new art teacher for the first time. He is a tall, blue Lupe; a stylish ponytail hangs behind his shoulders. Like the rest of him, it seems to be covered in a rainbow of splattered paint.

In his hand, Mr. Lupid holds a large paint brush. It drips a bit on the floor, but he doesn't seem to mind. He swings his arm towards the whiteboard, where a syllabus is written. A bit of paint from his brush splatters on the board, causing the students giggle.

He reads aloud from the syllabus, then turns to the class. "Okay everyone, let's get started. Since you don't have your supplies today, I've prepared a lecture concerning the colours." As a response, the students groan in unison. "Now, the three primary colours are red, blue, and yello-Yes? You have a question?"

The student tells him they learned this in the first grade. Everyone knows about colours. Yes, blue and yellow make green. Green and red are complementary. Isn't there something new they could learn? The class murmurs their agreement.

"So, you all think you know everything about colours, do you? Well then, tell me this... if I were to mix two equal portions of complimentary colours, what colour would it produce?" The class falls silent, glancing at each other. Someone should know... right?

The Lupe's gaze shifts around the classroom. No one raised their hand. "Ahh, you see? There is a lot more to art than merely running a brush across canvas, eh?" he says.

A student mutters a comment about the teacher's paintings. The student thinks he could do just as well. "So, you think so... but can you do this?" he says, quickly sketching a perfect likeness of the student on a pad of paper. The others gasp. "Just because one decides to paint abstractly, does not mean they cannot do fine art. By the same token, you cannot simply pick up a pencil and expect to draw wonders right away. We must all start at the beginning, with the basics. If you'd like to learn to draw like me, then all you have to do is listen." A hand rises in the back.

"What's that?" the teacher asks. "Oh, right... the answer was 'neutral grey'." While giving his response, Mr. Lupid notices he has gotten their attention. Transfixed, the students lean forward to listen.