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Neopedia : The Spyders are Coming!

"The Spyders Are Coming!"

"The Spyders are coming!" he shouted. "Run for your lives!"

Every face in the village looked up to see the little Kacheek racing across the field, shouting so loud, his lungs might burst.

"The Spyders!" he shouted again. "Run! Run! Run!!!"

The farmers dropped their baskets, the miners dropped their shovels, and the shopkeepers slammed their doors. Everyone scrambled, some screaming, some shouting, some crying. The little Kacheek finally reached the edge of the village... but no doors were open. He tried door after door, slamming his fists against them, hoping someone would open up... but nobody did.

He ran through the streets, looking at the hills he just ran from, his brow sweating and lips trembling. Over his shoulder, the Kacheek heard thousands of tiny feet as they climbed over the hill. He imagined thousands of tiny eyes, gleaming red. Thousands of little teeth...

"Please!" he shouted. "Someone please let me in!"

He ran through the city, trying each one, but not a single door opened. Then, in town square, he saw the well. It held a half-filled bucket on a rope. The Kacheek rushed over, tossed out the water, and climbed into the bucket.

"I hope this works," he said, dropping down into the well, just as the black carpet of legs and eyes and teeth crossed into town, covering the whole city with their hairy little bodies...

* * *

Every spring, the Spyders march across the land. Migrating from the east, they move across the hills, through forests, over roads, and through villages. Nothing stops their progress.

Just why the Spyders make their yearly march, no one can say for certain. No one's really willing to follow them to see where they're going, and nobody's ever really bothered finding out how they get back east again for the following year's spring stampede.

Only one person has gotten close to uncovering the many mysteries of the Spyders, and that's Professor Daina Chani. She's studied them all her life, and has come to some startling conclusions. However, most Neopian professors dismiss her claims as "fantastic," and "too absurd for words." Still, she continues to follow the Spyders as close as she can. Perhaps she knows where they go every Spring. Perhaps...