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Neopedia : The Volcano Crystal

The volcano crystal can only be found within the depths of Piku Paku volcano on Mystery Island, where only the bravest of Pango tribesmen dare to venture. However, for those capable of surviving the treacherous descent into Piku Paku, the crystal holds great financial reward, for it is far and away the rarest item on Mystery Island.

As Tshimba Pango, a tribesman renowned for his many excursions into the depths of Piku Paku, states, "Very scary indeed is a trip into the volcano. Great courage and skill it takes. But for one crystal in return, to live comfortably for one whole year my family can afford."

With the imminent arrival of the Battledome, demand for the volcano crystal has skyrocketed. In addition to counteracting fire attacks, it's widely believed that the volcano crystal is also capable of neutralizing more powerful attacks, such as the fireball negg and the orb of the Fire Faerie.