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Neopedia : Amulet of Thilg

The Amulet of Thilg Category: Artefact
Class: Battle Magic
Suggested Value: 8,500,000 NP
Rarity: 200
Weight: 3 lbs.
A blood red stone, set in twisted gold,
it grasps your throat, and forever will it hold...

Thus the inscription read when this amulet was first discovered by researchers, deep in the pyramids of the Lost Desert. The following is an excerpt from the expedition leader's journal:

18th Day of Hunting,

It has been twelve days since our research team discovered this mysterious amulet, and I have not slept well since. The mere presence of this strange artefact gives me chills, like someone is standing behind me, breathing on my neck, yet when I turn around... nothing. I will not feel comfortable again until we safely deliver this cursed item to the museum.

The guides we hired are wary of it as well. They fear it is "shkanum-da," an item whose legend I will now record here:
"Once the Lost Desert was not the peaceful place we see today. Long ago, a demented and evil ruler ascended to the throne by birthright. Twisted and cruel, he set workers to build the largest pyramid ever, a monument to his own glory.

Many pets died in its making, either from exhaustion, or punished by his evil guards for trying to escape.

For decades, the pets of the Lost Desert suffered under his rule, that is, until by either fate or luck, no one is sure, quarry workers unearthed a forgotten tomb. There, they found an ancient scroll of powerful dark magic. Believing it to be the key to their freedom from the cruel pharaoh, they entered the palace on premise of an offering, and there, they let loose the scroll's evil upon the wicked pharaoh..."
From here, the story differs from each pet who tells it. Some say he simply died, while others say his soul was stolen, but most claim the spell trapped him in a block of crystal, except for a single drop of his blood, which fell to the ground and crystallised into a gem of deep red.

The Pharoah meets his doom
The pharaoh's son, seeing how his father's cruel reign had led him to his own vicious demise, hid his dark heart from his people, and ruled in false fairness. However, he would have his revenge on the citizens of the Lost Desert. The night of his father's death, he took up the crystal of blood and set it into an amulet. Placing a curse upon it, he hid the amulet in the tomb of the great pyramid, and waited for its time to come...

This is the only record of the finding of the Amulet of Thilg. It seems the research group never made it back to the museum. None of them were ever found.