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Neopedia : Poogle Racers

Moogi stood at the top of the icy mountain looking down into the valley below him, he could see for miles in every direction. He stood for a second surveying the snow covered meadows, icy lakes, and half-buried houses with smoking chimneys, miles and miles below.

Moogi and seven other Poogles had been climbing for about two hours to get to this spot, their 'perfect' spot. You couldn't go much higher than this, at this point Moogi was the highest Poogle in the whole of Neopia! 'Are we all ready?', came a voice from the assembled Poogles behind. Moogi span around and stood to attention, awaiting what the captain had to say.

'Well, men, you have climbed long and hard today. The wind has been bitter, and the snow has frozen our paws, but I know that each and every one of you has the potential!'. Moogi smiled. He had worked hard to get a chance to join this elite group, and even though he was frozen to the bone, it was worth it!

A few seconds after his speech had ended, the captain, and old and weathered Purple Poogle, walked regally over to the side of the snow covered slope beside them and stared down. '5 miles to the village. The first Poogle there will qualify... let's GO!', and sprang up in the air, over the edge and started to roll down the hill. They all followed him, and before Moogi knew it, he was bouncing down the side of the snowy mountain.

Moogi's heart was racing as he sped down the mountainside, to his left a green poogle was lying upside down in a pile of snow. Moogi smiled as he zoomed past.. Never lose concentration he said to himself. Snow filled his eyes, he couldn't breathe, but it was great fun!!! He started to go faster, and faster, and soon up ahead Moogi could see that the mountain ended at a cliff face. This was the best bit, a natural current of air that Poogles could use to glide down to the safety of the village.

Moogi leapt out, and extended his ears, and sure enough he was swept upwards into the air by the warm breeze. 'I'm going to win!', came a shout from one of his opponents as he flew past. Moogi ignored him. Now, he was flying, Moogi was actually flying! The cold winter air chilled his body as he dove, weaved and spun his way to the ground.

As he landed in the snow below, he could hear a cheer from all around him. Walking slowly towards him was his captain, smiling. The grizzled old Poogle reached into his pocket and retrieved a silver badge which he pinned onto Moogi's chest that said, 'Congratulations, you are now a true Poogle Racer'.

The Poogle Racers are a team of daredevil Poogles who seek out the most extreme places around Neopia for excitement. Only eight Poogles are allowed to join at any one time, and for this reason it is a very honourable position. Each Poogle Racer is given a silver membership badge, a badge that they treasure highly (and consequently never take it out with them when rolling down mountains!).

Poogle Racer meetings are held once a month, and they usually end up doing something extremely dangerous. Last month they abseiled down the side of the Light Faerie's magical tower, and the month before decided to spend the night in the Haunted Woods (not recommended!).

Lately, other bands of Poogles have been springing up in an attempt to challenge the Poogle Racers to see who can perform the most daring stunt. The Flying Poogles, the Red Poogles and the Poogle Stuntmen are examples of such groups.