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Neopedia : The Island Mystic

Known As: The Island Mystic
Species: Kyrii
Gender: Male
Age: Possibly over 100
Interests: Foretelling the future.
Quote: "You will have stolen from you a Blumaroo Plushie in the Uni Meadows."

The Island Mystic has inhabited the small island off the northwestern coast of Mystery Island for as long as anyone can remember. Though he often speaks in riddles, both tourists and natives alike look to him for advice when they feel their lives are in a state of flux and need just a hint of which path they should take. Of course, most of the time, visitors just go for a giggle, which he often supplies with one of his rather off-the-wall "fortunes" that seem to leave everyone smiling.

Though he is always up for amusing fun and games, the Island Mystic does have great power. For example, he was one of the first to see trouble brewing years ago when an evil shaman threatened the Island, kidnapping many of its most well-known inhabitants, including the Island Mystic himself. He later resurfaced from his captivity and offered Neopians vital clues on how to stop the vile shaman from possibly destroying Mystery Island.