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Neopedia : Battle Potato

Behold, a potato Category: Magic
Class: Battle
Suggested Value: 15,000 NP
Rarity: 101
Size: between 2¾" and 3¼" in diameter
Variety: Meridellian Gold

Stugurt and Phrinky avoid the window. "Stugurt, we're out of ammo, and the enemy's got us surrounded. We're going to have to surrender," Phrinky said, nervously peering out the window.

"Nonsense, Phrinky," Stugurt said, sweating it a bit. "We never give up. We're a team, and we always win. What do we have left?"

Suddenly, they heard a knock at their door... then voices. "You guys in there? You coming out or what? We don't have all day."

"Psst... get down," Stugurt said to his friend. "Read me the list."

"One bean bag," Phrinky whispered, "a bowl of rotten chives and yoghurt, three melted snowballs, a pillow, chewed bubble gum, my evil fuzzle collect--"

"Those will scare them off. Open the window and show them the fuzzles!" Stugurt commanded.

"No way. I worked too hard for these. Anything but my fuzzles," Phrinky pleaded.

"I guess we're toast... burnt toast, Phrinky."

"We have some of that too," Phrinky said, "but they'll just laugh at us if we chuck some burnt toast at them. We might as well throw in the towel."

"Brilliant idea! Towels!" Stugurt exclaimed.

"If you guys don't come out here in, like, five minutes, we're coming in to get you!" The voice from outside was getting louder and closer.

"How about this salad, Stugurt?" Phrinky suggested. "While we cover their eyes with tomatoes and lettuce, we could make a run for it! What do you think, huh?"

Stugurt and Phrinky look for ammunition.
What do we have here?

"Phrinky, we need something and we need it quick. The enemy is fast approaching. We have less than two minutes till they break down the door and take us prisoner." As Stugurt's eyes began to wander about the room, Phrinky spotted something that they might be able to use.

"Stugurt," Phrinky said, "what about these taters? They seem pretty easy to throw and feel like they pack quite a--"

"Potatoes? No one throws a potato and gets away with it. It's not going to do anything but make a mess and--"

Flaming potatoes fly through the air. Just as Stugurt was about to finish his thought, the door swung open and there stood a group of angry looking pets. "What do we have here? You guys are home," one of the pets said. "We need two more in order to get a good game of Gormba--"


Both Phrinky and Stugurt zipped a dozen or so potatoes toward the front door and... THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP all the pets fell over in one big OUCH!

"Phrinky, the potatoes were a stroke of genius," Stugurt said. "Now, let's go get some lunch."