Neopedia : The Cybunny Carnival

The Carnival is what Cybunnys look forward to all year long. It happens right at the end of the month of Eating, when the carrots are at their crunchiest and the carrot cake is extra carrotty. Festivities attract thousands and thousands of different species of pets from all corners of Neopia. Most that attend the carnival especially love to eat the delicious treats baked for this joyous occasion till the smiles on their faces are bigger than their bloated bellies.

There's much more to Cybunny Carnival than pets stuffing themselves silly with all things carrot. Highlights include the Best, Worst and Just Okay Fur Competition, Hop Till You Drop Hop-A-Thon, The Cybunny Smiley Parade, and the ultra popular Stare-At-A-Cybunny-If-You-DARE contest. All pets are welcome to participate, as long as they think they have what it takes to out last a Cybunny's gaze. Cybunnys have been known to stare for hours on end without blinking or moving a muscle, making many a Neopet mad. How else do you think they keep themselves entertained during the cold winter months?


The origins of the Cybunny Carnival are a bit fuzzy. Some say it was a sneaky scheme to try and trick Cybunnys in to revealing the secrets of the legendary golden carrot. Others believe that the carnival was created for one reason only: FREE FOOD. Today, most Neopians agree that the carnival started as a way for all Cybunnys to come down from the freezing mountaintops and take the spotlight for a day, and, of course, it's just another excuse for Neopians to throw a huge party.