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Neopedia : Finneus

Name: Finneus
Species: Lenny
Gender: Male
Age: Uncertain (He's bashful about saying.)
Job: Head Archivist of the Altadorian Archives
Enjoys: Reading, history, studying, and his job.
Quote: "Say, I wonder where I put that Meepit plushie..."

Despite his advanced age, Finneus is still known for his sharp mind and is a very well respected member of the Altadorian community. He spends the vast majority of his time in the Altadorian Archives, which supply him with both his job and passion for knowledge.

After Altador was released from its thousand-year slumber, Finneus was instrumental to solving the mystery of Altador's missing past. He organised the constellations that were found to make more sense of the puzzle, plus encouraged and aided the noble Neopians who sought out the clues that were carefully placed throughout the Kingdom of Altador.

Now that the mystery is solved, Finneus continues his work in the Archives and watches over the Book of Ages. Despite the appearance of his office, he does his very best to keep the archives organized. Why, one day he might even find that box of Meepit plushies....