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Neopedia : The Krawk and the Fungus Caves

Irissa the Eyrie made her way down the beach, glancing around every now and then just to make sure she wasn't being followed. Krawvin, her Krawk, scuttled along beside her. It was a foggy morning, and Irissa feared she was lost. She could only see a few steps around her, and all she saw was sand. She heard the gentle splashing of the low waves as they crawled upon the beach. Ahead though, the sounds of the ocean seemed to change, to grow louder. The waves crashed as they slapped against something on shore. The cliff face? It had to be, that meant the cave, where the smugglers sold their stolen wares was nearby.

She had already been warned by Timberleg the Techo and his unnerving lacky Goldhook the Bruce that too many visits at once would tip off Neopian authorities to the location where the wily smugglers brought and sold their pilfered wares. She approached the cave with caution, ready to dart off if the pirates should be displeased with her arrival.

No noise came from the dark cave. No grunts from pirates, no sounds of wares being moved or hidden. Irissa didn't remember the pirate cave being so spooky . Shivering, she crept farther in, gently commanding Krawvin not to wander off while she lit a torch. There was a stream in the middle of the cave, and a few tunnels. The cave walls were covered in some sort of greenish slime. Apart from the fungus there was nothing else there, no pirates, no treasure, nothing. Irissa began to leave, then she noticed Krawvin was chomping on a piece of the slime.

"Krawvin, put that filthy stuff down!" She slapped the fungus away from his paw. "It could make you sick." Irissa kept a keen eye on the Krawk as she shuffled through her bag for fungus medicine.

Almost at once a ball of green light seemed to burst from within the little Krawk. Irissa shielded her eyes until the light subsided. Panic-stricken, she looked up to see if her dear little Krawvin was hurt, but all she could do was gasp...

After being driven from the Tyrannian Jungle and settling on an island about 80 miles south of Mystery Island, the Krawks thrived and were left basically to themselves until the recent pirate settlement. Small and without speech, the Krawks were once taken as Petpets by the Neopets. Pirate smugglers noted the strange caves that stood on the northwest edge of the island, but aside from the fungus growing all over the walls, there appeared to be nothing of interest in the damp, chilly caves. That is, until it was discovered that the fungus had a unique effect on the Krawks. The fungus seems to contain properties that can magically transform Petpet Krawks into fully-grown Neopets.