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Neopedia : Attack Meatball

Attack Meatball Category: Magic
Class: Battle
Suggested Value: 400,000 NP
Rarity: Smuggler's Cove
Size: between 3/4" and 1 1/4" in diameter
Weight: 1 lb.

Thanks to those scurvy lads from the Smuggler's Cove, now you have the chance to launch one of these zesty attack meatballs at your Battledome foes. Just wind up its extra-strength spaghetti noodle and fire away! Coated in delicious tomato sauce and topped with a hint of Romano cheese, this weapon will tease your opponent's tastebuds, then slap the taste right out of their mouth!

Faerie Krawk attacks with Meatball
When pressed for more information about this item, it's hardly a surprise that the smugglers were characteristically tight-lipped. They seemed wary of giving up any information that might tip off where the meatballs had been "found", so the origin of the attack meatball remains a mystery.

Due to the extreme rarity of attack meatballs, it's no wonder they carry such a hefty price tag on the open market.