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Neopedia : Geraptiku

Location name: Lost City of Geraptiku
Pronunciation: gurr-APP-tih-kuu
Location: The northern jungles of Mystery Island
Previous government: King and council
Population: None
Most notable structure: The Deserted Tomb

Once known long ago as the greatest city on Mystery Island, it's been a long time since anyone regarded this place with such great esteem. In fact, locals will often travel many miles out of their way to keep a safe distance from Geraptiku's borders, and others are so frightened that they dare not even speak the city's name aloud. Many claim that just looking in the direction of the cursed ruins can bring bad luck and a foul wind.

Many Islanders eagerly await the day when the jungle fully reclaims the land that was once Geraptiku, eradicating any evidence that the city was once there. Thanks to its sprawling growth, the jungle has already taken back much of the city's original territory. As a result, what was once a vast landscape of huts and marketplaces is now little more than a few disintegrating shacks. One thing that the jungle cannot overgrow, however, is the natives' memories of the city's once frightful existence.

The Deserted Tomb, on the other hand, still stands tall and seems unwilling to pass into legend so easily. At the very top of the pyramid stands a stone circle, unmoved by the ages. The natives call this stone "kalahnto," which can be loosely translated into the word "judgment." Most Islanders believe that the city of Geraptiku angered the ancient spirits with its citizens' excessive pride and claims of greatness. As punishment for their insolence, the angry spirits struck down the population of Geraptiku in a single night.

As unlikely as such a story may seem, no other explanation as to why the largest civilisation on Mystery Island suddenly vanished has ever gained enough support to challenge this theory. Perhaps that is one reason why Mystery Island only has a few scattered huts and minor villages, rather than a central metropolis. Could it be that the natives are all too afraid of the tomb's judging eye, which serves as an eerie reminder of what can happen to a city that thinks it is greater than the spirits of the Island?