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Neopedia : Petpet Puddle

The Petpet Puddle Location: Neopia Central
Size: Approximately one square metre
Colour: Rainbow
Depth: One decimetre at the deepest point
Average uses per day: Over a thousand
Sounds made: The splish-splash of little paws

Just a few strides away from the Rainbow Pool is a small, rainbow-coloured puddle. In this spot, the ground dips ever so slightly, so that most of the water splashing out of the Rainbow Pool trickles down to constantly refill the tiny puddle. This is where Petpets gather each day and patiently wait to be painted. With anticipation in their hearts, the Petpets wait in line, clutching precious little paint brushes in their mouths and paws.

One lucky Faellie is held in the paw of her Kougra guardian, who dips a pink Petpet paint brush into the magical waters. She then slides the brush down the Faellie's ears and over the top of her head, leaving behind a beautiful pink streak. The new shade begins to spread over the body of the happily bouncing Faellie, who in just a few moments is completely pink. With the paint brush's magical charge now used up, the Kougra leaves it behind in a nearby rubbish bin.

Though many believe it to be a product of faerie magic, no one is entirely certain how the Petpet Puddle really works. How it truly operates is far less important, though, than the look that is left on your smiling little Petpet after paying a visit.