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Neopedia : Lilian Fairweather

Name: Lilian Fairweather
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Species: Xweetok
Interests: Botany, archaeology
Quote: "Judging by the abundance of bryophytes, there must be plenty of moisture here..."

The tenacious Xweetok Lilian Fairweather was previously best known in the scientific community for being the daughter of Professor Hugo Fairweather. Though most of her life has been spent helping her father on archaeological digs and learning botany, Lilian has only recently been acknowledged for the work she has done. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on which scientific circles one follows, as the Fairweather clan has gained quite a bit of notoriety. This has come as the result of their recent claims about the existence of a mysterious island that is otherwise unknown to Neopians.

Professor Hugo and Lilian set out for this island with their assistant Werther and an adventurous explorer named Roxton A. Colchester III. The group nearly lost their lives when their hired boat crashed upon the rocks of the island that they claimed to be searching for. According to their reports, the team encountered huge beasts almost immediately upon their arrival on the island and later found a strange temple with a complex lock. The huge beasts, they insist, were in fact giant Petpetpets.

Since their story was supported by both the captain and cabin boy of the SS Primella, the scientific community has offered to investigate the evidence that the Fairweathers brought back (which, not surprisingly, was only an unidentified fruit).

The Fairweathers and their scientific team are currently trying to put together another expedition to the island.