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Neopedia : Gorix

Name: Gorix
Species: Grundo
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Age: ??
Interests: The Resistance, protecting the Space Station and all Grundo-kind.
Quote: "Welcome to the Resistance."

Though he was relatively young when Dr. Frank Sloth began absorbing Grundos into his personal army, Gorix still clearly remembers those troubled times. Like many others, even after Sloth's defeat, he feared the day the evil genius would return to finish what he'd started and took action to prepare for that day. This led him to join the Resistance as soon as he was old enough, along with his childhood friend, Parlax. The two friends worked and fought together through thick and thin until the fateful day when they were caught in an ambush while infiltrating one of Dr. Sloth's labs. Gorix was separated from Parlax and assumed his friend had perished.

Years later, the very circumstance the resistance had feared came true. Sloth had returned with a new plan to mutate not only Grundos, but all Neopets everywhere. Due to a twist of fate, while trying to make a rendezvous with a Cybunny scout who had information pertaining to Sloth's new plan, Gorix met Cylara, a young (and very spirited) Cybunny. With her help, they were able to save the civilians on the Space Station and get the scout and her important information back to the Resistance headquarters. It seems Dr. Sloth was behind the cold war occurring on Kreludor between two groups of Grundos led by feuding brothers.

After the debriefing, Gorix and Cylara travelled to Kreludor to help defuse the hostilities. Gorix was surprised to find that his old friend Parlax, whom he believed to be dead, was actually working for Sloth and pitting the two brothers against each other. Once the traitor was revealed, the Grundos on Kreludor banded together, though Parlax escaped from his prison cell, angering Gorix.

From there, they received a communication relayed from the Space Faerie, who informed them that Sloth still had her token from the battle they had fought years before, and if they infiltrated his ship and recited an incantation with it in their possession, Dr. Sloth would be stopped.

They quickly boarded their ship and took off after Sloth's vessel. There, they were able to quickly regain the Space Faerie's token. Though they encountered Commander Gormos, one of Sloth's subordinates, he let them pass, as Dr. Sloth had angered him moments before. When they reached Sloth, Gorix battled his former friend Parlax and attempted to dodge Sloth's laser blasts while Cylara recited the incantation. Dr. Sloth was pulled into the pendant, but not before hitting the ship's self-destruct button. Gorix and Cylara fled, while it is assumed Parlax died in the ship's explosion.

Once back at the Resistance headquarters, Gorix was congratulated for his work in stopping Sloth, while Cylara was officially welcomed as a member of the Resistance. However, in true Resistance form, Gorix still worries about how long it will be until Sloth returns...