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Neopedia : The Zaptwig

Category : Battle
Class : Magic
Suggested Value : 4.25 million NPs
Rarity : Artifact
Size : 1/2"x7"x1/4"
Weight : seven ounces

One day while they were out frolicking in the woods, an Earth Faerie named Danika and a Light Faerie named Persipha saw a Dark Faerie off in the distance. The Dark Faerie was standing there under a snakebush, getting some practice at casting evil spells. "Erm, do you think we should do something, or should we just turn and go the other way?" Persipha asked.

"Wow, that's a tough one," Danika said, "I wouldn't want to learn how good she is at casting those spells. On the other hand, she might be up to something... I think we'd better stick around and find out." And so, they decided to keep an eye on the Dark Faerie and see what she had up her sleeve. However, it didn't take long for the Dark Faerie to notice that she was being watched...

"What are you trying to do, spy on me?" the Dark Faerie bellowed, "I think you two need to be taught a lesson!" With that, she reached into her pouch and pulled out a magical amulet. Aiming her charm at the Faeries, the Dark Faerie declared, "Maybe you'll learn not to meddle in the affairs of others!" Then, a beam of light burst forth from the amulet, striking the Faeries and knocking them to the ground. Gripped by hysteria, Danika and Persipha jumped up and ran as fast as they could.

Ouch! That has GOT to hurt...

After telling some friends about their encounter with the Dark Faerie, it was decided that something would have to be done. An assembly of Earth and Light Faeries requested a meeting with the Faerie Queen, so they could inform her of their problem. "You see, Your Highness" Persipha said respectfully, "this Dark Faerie is quite powerful. Between her spells and amulets, we've simply got no way to defend ourselves."

Considering their plea, the Faerie Queen made a generous offer. "Very well, I'll grant you one month to craft the ultimate weapon. If there is to be any hope of matching her stunning powers, you'll have to work as a team. At the end of the month, I will review your proposal and, upon finding it suitable, I shall use my powers to grant you this mighty weapon. Remember, it is only to be used for defence... you mustn't use it unless provoked first."

After a month of working feverishly to come up with a design that would give them the upper hand against this powerful Dark Faerie, the time finally came to present their idea to the queen. Carefully considering their proposal for an ultra-powerful rod that they called the Zaptwig, the Faerie Queen nodded and said, "Very well, I'll take it from here...."

In hopes of creating the ultimate battle weapon, the Earth and Light Faeries joined forces to develop this potent staff, known as the Zaptwig. Despite its unassuming appearance, this mighty sceptre packs quite a jolt, zapping one's foes with a powerful burst of lightning. And so, whenever the need arises, the Zaptwig's stunning powers can be counted on to win the day.