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Neopedia : King Coltzan III

King Coltzan Name: King Coltzan III
Species: Lupe
Former Occupation: King of Sakhmet
Titles: Defender of the Downtrodden, Anointed Sovereign of All that Is Noble and True, Confidant of Genies
Hobbies: Searching for lost scrolls, playing Scarab 21
Last Words: "cough... Who prepared this dish... cough... I heard someone sniffing in the kitchen... cough... It was yooo..."
King Coltzan III was a brave and just warrior who governed the Lost Desert with a kind heart and generous soul for many years. His legendary status as a noble defender of the Lost Desert grew as the tales of his heroic deeds spread throughout the land. There isn't a single Sakhmetian alive who has not heard the tale of how Coltzan defeated a savage Monocerous with his bare paws, or of the time Coltzan rescued Princess Lightfoot from the clutches of the nefarious Baron Nehlaki, a story which is recounted in Sakhmet Tales, a popular anthology of Sakhmetian folklore.

Sakhmet at night "Alone in the darkness, Coltzan waited as he planned his next move. With the dark tower looming ominously before him, the warrior king saw a swarm of hungry Scorchios circling in the night sky. Off in the distance, a sand storm was rapidly cutting its way across the open plain. It was a risky proposition; Coltzan figured that if he could time it right, then he could use the dust cloud for cover until he reached the tower's gates.

Staying as close to the whirling sand as he could, Coltzan saw that his chance had arrived. As he strained with all his might, the king swiftly raced under the cover of the swirling sand. As they bickered among themselves, the evil Scorchios failed to notice the shadowy figure beneath them. Breathless, Coltzan slumped against the cold stone walls of the tower. Now, he just had to figure out a way to get inside...."

Despite the king's demise in Year 3, the many tales of his courage will carry on his name and allow his brave spirit to live on as a shining example to future generations. A shrine was built in King Coltzan's honour, out in the desert that he loved. Although its purpose was to allow visitors to pay their respects, many reported seeing visions of the ghostly king and even finding strange and wonderful treasures hidden in the dunes around the obelisk, as though even in death King Coltzan had found a way to help the deserving. Those saddened by the king's passing need only remember what Coltzan himself said as he defiantly faced the wrath of the dreaded Sand Hydra of Khaef: "I shall cower before no evil, and defend the virtue of my people against all enemies. Regardless of the outcome, at least I know that I have fought for a most noble cause."