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Neopedia : Kalora the Kau

Name : Kalora the Kau
Age : How rude! You wouldn't dare ask
Occupation : On permanent holiday, but if
the right job comes up...
Hobby : Making macaroni sculptures and
collecting false finger nails
Quote : "What are you talking about? It wasn't me..."

"It's my personal opinion," Kalora said, "that your tiara is totally overrated and, not to be crude or anything, but it makes your head look very wide. However, I do think it would look much better on me. May I try it on?"

"Excuse me? I don't think so, Miss see-through visor," Princess Fernypoo shot back. "You better not lay a hoof on my tiara!"

"All right, all right, I'm not going to argue with you. I got the message. You are the prettiest of all the Cheat! Players. Plus, it looks better on you and, sadly, I'll never be able to afford a tiara such as yours..."

"Well, I'm off to get my 14 hours of beauty sleep," the princess said as she left and closed the door to her bedroom. "Yeah, it's pretty late," Kalora said, pretending to stretch and yawn, "I better be going. I've got to get up early and see the doctor about this twitching in my ear."

"Yeah, whatever," Fernypoo yelled from behind her bedroom door, "Just make sure you lock up when you leave." "Okay, buh-bye." Kalora slammed the door, but stayed inside.

A few hours later, Kalora popped her head out from behind a plant in the corner of Fernypoo's living room. Slowly, she crept along the creaky wooden floors, stopping occasionally to make cricket sounds (don't ask).

As she opened the bedroom door she saw Fernypoo fast alseep under a pink quilt with lace ruffles. "Where could it be? Where does she keep it?" She glanced back at Fernypoo and noticed that she was wearing the tiara. "Poppycocks!" she accidentally yelled aloud. Fernypoo rolled over onto her back and began to snore. The tiara had lifted off her head just enough that, if Kalora was a careful Kau, she could remove it and split town before Fernypoo could say 'breakfast'.

She cautiously removed the tiara from Fernypoo's head and situated it between her own ears just so. She admired herself in the mirror beside the bed and creepily whispered to herself, "Nice to meet you. I'm Princess Kalora. Yes, I would love to dance...."

Then, as if bad luck walked in and introduced itself, both of Kalora's ears began to twitch like mad, sending the tiara straight to the ground. The tiara clanked as it hit the floorboards, and Fernypoo leapt from her bed screaming like a whistle, "Kalora! How could you?"

By that time, Kalora had made like she was sleeping at the foot of Fernypoo's bed. She pried her eyes open and let out a fake yawn. "What? Oh this, erm... it's not mine. I mean, it's quite ugly actually. I don't know how you wear this horrid thing...."