Neopedia : Mrs. Prenderghast

Name : Mrs. Prenderghast
Species : Aisha (well, she USED to be an Aisha,
but that was quite a long time ago )
Hobbies : Collecting art and going for long, slow
walks through her enormous estate.
One Day Hopes : People will stop trying to steal
her art collection, so she can finally rest in peace.
Quote : "Oh, this one? It's a portrait of my uncle Leio...
he was a hero in the war, you know. Nice, isn't it?"

"All that stuff about this place being haunted is just a bunch of faerietales. This place isn't haunted," Fenwick the Mynci said, brushing away the moss that hung before him as they slowly made their way up the path to the abandoned estate on the outskirts of town.

"Oh yeah, well then why would they say it's haunted if it really isn't?" his Kyrii friend Dietra asked.

"Duh!" Fenwick scoffed. "Dietra, sometimes I'm amazed by how dense you can be. This mansion is like the ultimate hang-out for us to go and not get hassled by grown-ups. That's why they started all this garbage... so that kids like us would be too scared to go there."

"Yeah, okay Fenwick," Deitra replied. "We'll see soon enough if its a scam..."

"So, who's gonna go first?" Fenwick asked as they stood on the mansion's porch. As he'd expected, no one volunteered -- to be honest, nobody seemed all that eager to go in, much less go first. "Forget I asked... stand back!" Fenwick said with a snarl as he brushed his pal Tavaar the Chomby to one side. Slowly turning the knob, Fenwick opened the door and led them inside...

The first thing they noticed, other than the cobwebs and dust of course, was how quiet the mansion was. The only thing they heard was their shallow breathing and the soft sound of their footsteps as they moved across the carpet. Inching their way forward, Fenwick and his friends glanced in awe at the magnificent oil paintings that hung on the walls -- distinguished portraits, intimate still lifes, and majestic landscapes surrounded them.

"A-aahh," Deitra fought to hold it back, but it was no use... "AAACCHHHOOOOOO!!!"

As if shot from a cannon, a swirling shadow emerged from the wall... it was none other than the lady of the house, Mrs. Prenderghast. "Who goes there?!?" she roared, as her uninvited guests fell in a heap.

"Begone, the lot of you... and I'd better not see any of you EVER AGAIN!"

"Aaarghh!!!" They yelled, scrambling to their feet and running all the way home...

As you can imagine, Mrs. Prenderghast is a cranky old spirit who isn't too fond of visitors; especially those who try to get their mitts on her valuable art collection. Though she sometimes gets lonely remembering the friendships of her youth, her dislike for curious thrillseekers and greedy art collectors gets the best of her, wiping away any trace of sentimentality from her cold, tired heart.