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Neopedia : The Little Nipper Shopkeeper

Name : Admiral Kyrwinne
Species : One-legged Kyrii
Nickname : Hopalong
One Day Hopes : That those pesky Pirakeets
will stop trying to build a nest in his pegleg.
Quote : "Ahoy, me little nippers. There be
plenty of snacks for all of ye! Just be patient..."

Often times me customers here in the shop be askin', "Admiral, how were it that you came to be runnin' this shop?" After all, most pirates aren't known for havin' the kind of patience that a roomful of nippers be requirin'. And so I be tellin' em, "Aye, me swabbies. It all be goin' back to me days aboard the S.S. Peophintine. On our way home from a beauteous six weeks of plunderin' on the high seas, we were havin' the misfortune of runnin' into a wicked storm that were knockin' us half silly.

With the storm gettin' worse, it were lookin' like we'd be havin' no choice but to abandon ship. As I were running towards a lifeboat, the deck of the ship were soaked with rain, causin' me to slip and fall. Then, before I could be gettin' up, the mast had given way, fallin' right on top of me leg. The sharp bolt of pain that shot through me body were the last thing I remembered until I awoke, days later, marooned on Krawk Island...

...Now that I were missin' me leg, I were feelin' as helpless as a wee child. On top of that, I were lost on Krawk Island, which except for Petpets, were still deserted at the time. So there I were, with no idea of how to find food, build shelter, or even be startin' a fire to keep warm. Luckily for me, I saw a kind Krikket who weren't afraid to approach me. "Aye little fella, I won't be hurtin' ye," I said as I gently petted him across his brow. Then, just as I thought I were makin' a friend, the Krikket turned and quickly darted away. I were tryin' to follow 'im, but at this point I were still hoppin' around on one foot, so it weren't long before he'd lost me. At this point, I were feelin a great sense of devastation.

Some minutes later, I were stunned as I looked up to see the Krikket returning. This time, he were bringin' along a friend. As they sat before me, I saw that the Krikket had brought some tasty island fruits, which were sure to be calmin' down me rumblin' belly. His friend, a Quadrapus, had brought with 'im bundle of branches. I were amazed when, right before me eyes, the Quadrapus began rubbin' the branches together, until at long last I were warm and cozy next to the fire. Anxious to show them me gratitude for their kindness, I reached into me pocket and pulled out a soggy old pretzel, which were all the food I had left upon being marooned. Much to me surprise, they cooed with delight whilst gobblin' up me meager offering.

So then, as the weeks they were passin', I were slowly able to regain me strength and fend for meself. I wouldn't have been makin' it, thought, if it hadn't been for me little Petpet friends. And so, as a way of sayin' thanks for all they'd done for me, I decided to dedicate me life to helpin' the Petpets of Krawk Island find good homes.

If you're looking to find that special sidekick for your Neopet, then the Admiral's Little Nipper Shop is the place for you! There, you'll be able to choose from a wide selection of Deavers, Blurtles, and Narwhools and find a loyal Petpet that's sure to put a sparkle back in your sulking pet's eyes. But don't delay, rush to get yours now, because they're selling fast and supplies are limited.