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Neopedia : Aisha Thieves

Purrow drinks a potion Names: Purrow and Meesha
Species: Shadow Aisha
Age: 17
Relation: Fraternal twins
Occupation: Nefarious burglars
Associated with: Thieves Guild?
Narrowest Escape: That one time when the house they burgled happened to belong to Uzarro
Quote: "I mean... how many possible combinations could there be?"

Purrow and Meesha had been planning this for months. It was the Annual Chocolate Ball, where all the workers of the Neopian Chocolate Factory gathered to celebrate a year of successful trade, great new ideas, and Neopoints in the Bank! It was fancy dress, and this year the theme was famous Neopians throughout history.

However, this did not matter at all to the two young Aishas crouched upon the factory roof. While the workers were away, they would play... and steal as much chocolate as they could fit in their sacks. There would be nobody there to stop them; it was going to be so easy!

"Remember, only go for the expensive and rare ones," said Purrow as they descended on their rope into the musty darkness. "We don't have that much room! Oh, Meesha... this time, make sure you don't get caught!" A few seconds later and they had both silently landed on their paws on the factory floor...

It is a little known fact that some of the worst thieves around Neopia belong to a band of the cutest denizens - the Aisha. Living in dark passages connected to the sewers under the city of Neopia Central, they roam by night, seeing what valuable trinkets they can find. These Aishas have no parents, nobody to feed them, and nobody to provide them with what they need to survive.

It is rumoured their crew numbers around twenty, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. Nobody has ever found their hiding place, and nobody has ever seen more than two of them at any one time. Some say that they work for the Thieves Guild, but others say they are competitors. In fact, there are so many rumours and stories circulating about this renegade band, it's hard to tell what is true and what isn't!

One thing is for sure, however... make sure your doors and windows are locked at night, because you never know when you will be paid an unwelcome visit... Thieves Guild Amulet