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Neohomes NP Superstore

Welcome to the Neohomes Superstore!
We have everything you might need to decorate your Neohome!


more Wallpapers

Green Roo Island Wall Paint
Cost: 400 NP

Blue Maraqua Wall Paint
Cost: 400 NP

Purple Kreludor Wall Paint
Cost: 400 NP

Red Krawk Island Wall Paint
Cost: 400 NP

Yellow Neopia Central Wall Paint
Cost: 400 NP

Golden Lost Desert Wall Paint
Cost: 400 NP

more Flooring

Simple Wood Floor
Cost: 500 NP

Basic Peach Floor Tiles
Cost: 500 NP

Basic White Floor Tiles
Cost: 400 NP

Basic Buff Floor Tiles
Cost: 500 NP

Basic Yellow Floor Tiles
Cost: 500 NP

Basic Blue Floor Tiles
Cost: 500 NP

more Seating

Simple Green Sofa
Cost: 3,445 NP

Simple Yellow Sofa
Cost: 2,542 NP

Simple Purple Chair
Cost: 1,101 NP

Simple Blue Sofa
Cost: 905 NP

Simple Yellow Chair
Cost: 4,491 NP

Simple Green Chair
Cost: 999 NP

more Tables

Simple Purple Side Table
Cost: 1,523 NP

Simple Blue Side Table
Cost: 1,116 NP

Simple Red Side Table
Cost: 1,142 NP

Simple Yellow Side Table
Cost: 602 NP

Simple Green Side Table
Cost: 2,611 NP

Simple Purple Table
Cost: 793 NP


Simple Yellow Bed
Cost: 2,743 NP

Simple Purple Bed
Cost: 2,960 NP

Simple Blue Bed
Cost: 742 NP

Simple Green Bed
Cost: 624 NP

Simple Red Bed
Cost: 1,240 NP


Simple Blue Lamp
Cost: 1,048 NP

Simple Purple Lamp
Cost: 451 NP

Simple Green Lamp
Cost: 992 NP

Simple Red Lamp
Cost: 1,792 NP

Simple Yellow Lamp
Cost: 1,287 NP


Simple Blue Rug
Cost: 4,661 NP

Simple Purple Rug
Cost: 892 NP

Simple Green Rug
Cost: 557 NP

Simple Red Rug
Cost: 1,007 NP

Simple Yellow Rug
Cost: 2,111 NP