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Frequently Asked Questions

The Festival of Neggs FAQs
1) What is the Festival of Neggs?

The Festival of Neggs is an annual event celebrating spring and, of course, Neggs! Kari has decided to join us this year! Topsi has made way for the Negg faerie to take over once again. Usually, the Neggs are hidden all over Neopia, but before Kari had her chance, it seems they were stolen. So the mission is: find the stolen neggs.

2) How long will the Festival of Neggs last?

This years Festival will begin on April 9th and end on April 24th. Day 1 of the event will actually be a day and a half, running through April 10th.

3) Who is Kari?

Kari is the Negg Faerie! In her spare time she runs the Neggery in the Ice Caves! She is the original host of the Festival of Neggs!

4) Do I have to find Neggs every day?

You can find Neggs in any order or on any day once that location has been made available. However, if you decipher the Negg-gazer's clues and track them down on the day he releases that clue, they just might grant you an extra prize at the end of the Festival!

5) I found the Negg Stash! How do I collect my prize?

Once you have found the Negg Stash for the day, Kari will offer you three of the special themed Neggs in that stash, and allow you to choose whichever one you want. Once you choose, Kari will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg, what fun! There are 5 different themed Neggs that you can be offered, but each time you find the Neggs, Kari will randomly choose which three to offer you, so choose wisely!

6) I think I found where the neggs should be, but Kari is not here! What do I do?

Some of the Negg-gazer's clues could refer to two different places in Neopia, so if you don't spot them at first, keep looking!

7) I found a Mechanical Negg, what is it?

Ah, these special Neggs can be tinkered with and upgraded with a self-defence mechanism so they'll never be stolen again. In addition, Doctor Neggistential will offer special prizes to his most helpful assistants!