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Frequently Asked Questions

The Festival of Neggs FAQs
1) What is the Festival of Neggs?

The Festival of Neggs is an annual event celebrating spring and, of course, Neggs! Kari, the Negg Faerie, is busy in the Neggery, so she has asked Topsi the Cybunny to take over the Negg Hunt this year. Every day, Topsi will hide around Neopia; find him based on the clues and he'll let you keep one of his Neggs!

2) How long will the Festival of Neggs last?

This years Festival will begin on April 8th and end on April 23rd. Day 1 of the event will actually be a day and a half, running through April 9th.

3) Who is Topsi?

Topsi is a young Cybunny who LOVES the Festival of Neggs and Negg hunting. After countless years spent enjoying Kari's yearly Negg Hunt (and spending the rest of the year hanging around the Neggery waiting for the next one), his dream to host the Negg Hunt himself finally came true. As Kari is too busy to get away from the Neggery this year as well, she has asked for his help running the hunt in her absence once again.

4) Do I have to find Topsi every day?

You can find Topsi in any order or on any day once that location has been made available. However, if you decipher Topsi's clues and track him down on the day he releases that clue, he just might grant you an extra prize at the end of the Festival!

5) I found Topsi! How do I collect my prize?

Once you have found Topsi for the day, he will offer you three of the special themed Neggs he crafted with Kari just for this event, and allow you to choose which one you want. Once you choose, Topsi will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg, what fun! There are 5 different themed Neggs that you can be offered, but each time you find Topsi he will randomly choose which three to offer you, so choose wisely!

6) I think I found where Topsi should be, but he's not here! What do I do?

Some of Topsi's clues could refer to two different places in Neopia, so if you don't spot him at first, keep looking!

7) Topsi gave me a Magic Negg, what is this?

Ah, these special Magic Neggs are filled with mysterious potential. Try buying some special Mystical Magic Dust from the NC Mall to see what you can recieve.