Frequently Asked Questions

The Mysterious Magical Neggs FAQs

1) What is the Mysterious Magic Neggs event?

The Mysterious Magical Neggs is an NC Mall event where you can fill up empty Magic Neggs to receive all-new NC prizes. Just take your Magic Neggs and some Mystical Magic Dust from the NC Mall and see what the Neggs will bring you.

2) What are Magic Neggs that I am finding?

Magic Neggs are special Neggs that are filled with magical potential; you just need to combine them with Mystical Magic Dust to see what they hold. Each Negg can be filled 5 times before you have unlocked its full potential.

3) What is the duration of Mysterious Magical Neggs event?

The event, Mysterious Magical Neggs will run from April 8th through April 23rd. You can participate any time within that period by visiting the Mysterious Magical Neggs page with your Magic Negg and Mystical Magic Dust.

4) Where can I find Magic Neggs?

You can find Magic Neggs by participating in the Festival of Neggs Negg Hunt. Topsi will have some to hand out every few days...

5) Can I buy or trade for a Magic Negg?

No, you can only obtain a Magic Negg by finding one yourself. Dont worry though, you will surely see some lurking around Neopia!

6) Can I collect Magic Neggs and earn prizes on my side accounts?

No, because you must compete in the Negg Hunt to earn Magic Neggs and you cannot do this event on side accounts.

7) How do I purchase Mystical Magic Dust?

There are two ways you can purchase your Mystical Magic Dust. Visit the NC Mall or the Mysterious Magical Neggs page to purchase your Mystical Magic Dust. Once your purchase is complete, simply leave it in your inventory and visit the Mysterious Magical Neggs page. If you bring your Mystical Magic Dust along with a Magic Negg, you can produce new prizes.

8) Can I give Mystical Magic Dust to another player?

Yes, Mystical Magic Dust is like any other NC item and is giftable via NC Gift Box (one item per NC Gift Box).

9) I can't seem to activate my Mystical Magic Dust. How do I use it?

The Mystical Magic Dust does not need to be activated. Simply leave the dust in your inventory and visit the Mystery Magic Neggs page. Once you add your Mystical Magic Dust to a Magic Negg you'll see what NC item prizes were released.

10) I used my Mystical Magic Dust to fill my Magic Negg. Where is my NC item prize?

Return to the Festival of Neggs page to see what NC item prize you received. The items will be added to your inventory.