Mysterious Magical Neggs

It turns out that some of the Neggs handed out by Topsi during the Negg Festival had Magic Neggs inside of them! If you happen to get one, you can bring it here and sprinkle it with Mystical Magic Dust to see what happens.

First Things First

In order to get started, you'll first need to find a Magic Negg. They can be found inside some of the Neggs that Topsi the Negg Festival Cybunny has been handing out as prizes. Solve his clues and figure out where he's hiding each day to get his prizes!

The Festival of Neggs is Back!

Hop on board and let's get started! Topsi's already having fun planning out places to hide.


The Celebrations Have Ended

Uh Oh! We're done with the Festival of Neggs for this year. But do come back again next year as soon as you see the first flowers of spring starting to bloom!


Well done, you've successfully tracked down a Magic Negg. Now you need to carefully place the Negg on the stand here. Once that's done, you'll be able to sprinkle it with Mystical Magic Dust and truly unlock its potential. So, are you ready to do this?

Are You Sure?

By placing the Magic Negg on its stand, you'll be permanently removing it from your inventory. It won't do anything unless you sprinkle it with Mystical Magic Dust purchased from the NC Mall. Do you still want to apply it?

Let the Magic Begin!

Now that you've got a bit of the Mystical Magic Dust, you can sprinkle it on your Magic Negg. Are you ready to try it out?

Have Patience...

You've got the Mystical Magic Dust alright, but this Magic Negg needs a little more time before performing its next magical feat. Check back tomorrow; it should be ready by then.

Purchase NC Item

Mystical Magic Dust
125 NC
Sprinkle this magic dust and see what wonders unfold. This powder can be used on any of the Magical Neggs that can be found during the Festival of Neggs. You can use up to 5 pouches of Mystery Dust for each Magical Negg. Use the powder to receive one exclusive NC item. Note: Please read the FAQs before purchasing.

Just checking again

You are about to purchase Mystical Magic Dust for 125 NC.
Are you sure?


Mystical Magic Dust

125 NC
Your New Balance

Your Negg Has Changed!

Wow, look at that - your Magic Negg looks amazing! Brilliant, it's giving out two items this time! However, you seem to have used up all the magic from this Negg. Go to your inventory to check out your new items.


The Magic Negg begins to sparkle and... well, would you look at that? A sparkling new item has been placed in your inventory! Something tells me there's more magic left in this Negg. Why don't you try again with more Mystical Magic Dust?