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Lutari Talisman

Legend has it that when certain beads are placed on the Talisman, the bearer's luck throughout Neopia increases. We cannot reveal too much, but should you find a bead during your travels, it might be a good idea to place it on your Talisman right away.

There are five different bead shapes, and each shape can be found in four different colours. Each colour has its own effects when placed on your Talisman!

Matu Bead

Oranu Bead

Urapa Bead

Ranaka Bead

Tongi Bead

Beads can be obtained if you referred a friend who then signed up for Neopets Mobile (which is no longer available), via Random Events as you explore Neopia, and other ways that have yet to be discovered.

You can view your Talisman and see all the beads you have collected by clicking the button below!