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The Lost Desert is flourishing in magic, treasure and adventure. But beware, with great treasure brings great danger. The Lost Desert is a very old civilisation, existing, at the very least, a millennium ago. When rebuilding this ancient civilization, leaders unknowingly resurrected Emperor Razul from the grave. Waging a magical war on Sakhmet and those around...
Meet Lyra
She was the runaway daughter of Aymas Xendrik, Warden of the Lost Desert and, in spite of her age, is considered one of the best swords in Neopia. Since escaping her father with the "help" of the young thief Aurrick, rumors have spread of her whereabouts. Some say she didn't spend much time in Altador and left for Terror Mountain. Others say she returned to the Lost Desert in hopes of mending the family honor. Time will tell...
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