Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble in Brightvale FAQ
1) I heard there's Trouble in Brightvale! What's going on?

Magon, a spirited young magician from Brightvale, is trying to create a portal that will take Neopians into the future. During one of his trials, he accidentally created portals all over Neopia, alerting hundreds of citizens to what he was doing and upsetting King Hagan, who wanted to keep the project under wraps. Now he has an ultimatum - create a portal into the future in one week, or give up his project forever and face charges in the Court of Knowledge.

2) How can I help Magon?

To help out, you must visit Brightvale and enter the portal created by Magon to see what's on the other side.(Make sure your active pet is not a Unconverted pet)

3) What do I get for helping Magon out?

Visit Magon after going through a portal, and he'll give you a nice little prize for your help.

4) How long does the magician have to create a portal to the future?

Magon has 7 days, starting on 27th August and lasting until 3rd September, 23:59:59 NST.

5) Why can't I test another portal?

After you go through a portal and report back to Magon, he will want you to wait for 6 hours before letting you test the portal again, as it can be quite draining to travel through portals.

6) Oh no! What has happened to my pet? It has changed color/stats/become sick! Will these changes be reversed?

These are some of the risks involved in using portals created by - ahem - amateurs. Magon is capable of reversing them with a magic spell, but he will only do so once he's successfully created a portal to the future, or his time is up - whichever happens first.

7) What am I to do with the Blank Tome that Magon has given me?

The contents of the book are hidden, and the magician needs its help to create the portal. The contents of the book can be revealed using a Magic Lens that can be bought from the NC Mall.

8) Can I test these portals from a side account?

No, you cannot test these portals from a side account.