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Isla de Lutari

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There is something so special about shop window displays during the holidays! This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y21.
Christmas Shop Window Display Background
What a relaxing scene! The Hasees are bouncing, the Lightmites are twinkling... Meepits are even sharing their juice with Feepits! This item was created by mimitchi880!
Sunset Petpet Garden Background
A present for your ears!
Holiday Themed Earrings
Although presents are not the truest form of happiness, it sure doesnt hurt to have a few.
Surrounded by Presents
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Neopet personalizado estrella

¿Quién es el Neopet más elegante de todos?
Ganador: sosuleaf

Ganador: nicobutts

Petpet estrella

La historia detrás de los mejores amigos de nuestros Neopets.
Neopet estrella

Todo Neopet merece 15 minutos de fama.
Ganador: mermaid_in_space

Ganador: rainbowdragon3200

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MobileLegendsLetters (Anuncio)
Mobile game, Neopets: Legends &Letters!

EscueladeDragones (Anuncio)
S el entrenador de dragones supremo!

Guerra del carbn
Domina las minas explotando los carros mineros de tu enemigo!

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