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What does rarity mean?

Rarity is nothing to do with the rare item codes. Rarity is a simple way of showing how rare an item is. An item is rare if they are harder to get than other items. Usually this will also mean they are more expensive. Whenever you see an items rarity it will be listed as a number. These numbers have the following meanings.

  • 1-70 - common, easily found in main Neopian shops and given out by random events.
  • 71-84 - rare
  • 85-90 - very rare
  • 91-95 - ultra rare
  • 96-99 - super rare
  • 100-104 - mega rare
  • 105-119 - Special, these items cannot be obtained through the normal shops. Normally these are only given out as part of a special offer.
  • 120 - This means the item is given out by the Brain Tree when you complete one of his quests.
  • 121-179 - Special, this works the same way as the 101-119 rarity items, but these are more powerful items.
  • 180 - Retired. This item will never again be released and its rarity will never be changed from 180.
  • 200 - Artifact, these items are sold in the Hidden Tower.

If you have a food that is rarity 90-99 it is considered a Gourmet food and will qualify any Neopet you feed it to in the Gourmet Club