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Tips for getting your submission in the Neopian Times

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting your story/article/comic published.

  • Make sure you enter using the Submission Form; we are no longer accepting email entries.
  • Make your article or story original; add something that nobody else has already said or done.
  • Make it Neopet related. If it isn't about Neopets in some way, it will not be published.
  • Avoid sensitive subjects such as death. If your story is too controversial, we will not be able to publish it.
  • Make sure your story/article is within the word limitations. These are explained further here.

Things we'd prefer NOT to see in the Neopian Times:

  • Graphic descriptions of excessive violence, death or bloodshed. Remember, users of all ages can read the Times.
  • Technology such as electronics, cars, computers, and cellphones. Futuristic technology from the Space Station or Dr. Sloth is all right.
  • Real people or places or parodies of them. Neopia is another planet, after all.
  • Neopets represented as nonsentient beings. Every Neopet is a person, not just a pack animal - yes, even the Uni. ;)
  • Relationships, dating, weddings, that sort of thing. Parents and families are fine to include.
  • Species or colours that don't exist on the site. This also includes hybrid pets, pet/humans, and new faerie types.
  • Big secrets for games, avatars, hidden places, places that don't exist *cough* etc.
  • Discussion of scams, frozen accounts, or similar.
  • Anything written by anyone other than you. Please do not submit someone else's work for any reason, ever, period.

Regarding technology and the real world:
Try to find a Neopian equivalent for real-world places and objects - instead of police, maybe the Defenders of Neopia keep the peace. How does your main character get to school if they don't take a bus? Instead of a cellphone, Neopets might use neomail. Does it magically appear or does a certain pet or petpet bring the letter? Use your imagination. :) Remember, a lot of Neopets wouldn't necessarily need transportation like people would; many can fly or swim and others are great runners.

Additional Notes:

  • If you are writing a series, please be sure to send us all of your parts at the same time and divide them up in one submission. You can submit a two-part series, but a series should be at least four thousand words. If it's too short, you can go ahead and submit it as a short story. ;)
  • Check your spelling and punctuation, especially around dialogue! If you're not sure of a particular rule, page through a novel to see how it's done.
  • If you are sending in a comic, double check that your picture is a gif or jpg. Make sure that your comic is no more than 470 pixels wide and that the file size is no more than 200 kb. Your art program should be able to tell you what the height and width of your image are. Also, please make sure the text is readable on your comic. We can no longer accept Flash comics.
  • You can collaborate on your submission with up to one other person. Just put in a note in the comments with their username to let us know so that we can give them credit.
  • If you want to add bold or italic to your article or story, you can use html. We will take care of other formatting for you.