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Training Your Neopet FAQ

How does my Neopet gain levels?

Your pet can gain levels randomly as you travel around the site. These will appear as random events, although they are very rare. Instead, you can enrol your Neopet on a course at the Training School on Mystery Island or the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. There your pet can learn a whole range of things such as endurance, agility and even gain levels.

How do I enroll my Neopets in the Swashbuckling Academy?
You need to go to the Krawk Island (click on explore, them on Krawk Island). The Swashbuckling Academy is on the bottom right hand side of the map. Click on 'Courses', and then choose what course you wish to enroll your Neopet on. Once you decide, you will be told how many Dubloons you need to pay for the course. Give Captain Threelegs his payment and your Neopet will start their course.

Once you start your Neopet on a course at the Mystery Island training school can you change?

No, as soon as you select which of your Neopets you want to study a certain subject it must persevere with that course until completion. Remember you need to pay the correct amount of codestones before you Neopet can finish its course.

What is the difference between the basic, advanced and master levels in the Mystery Island training school?

The master and advanced courses are harder than the basic ones. The higher the level of your Neopet, the harder the course it must attend.

How do I pay for a course?

It depends on which academy you are attending. To pay for a course on Mystery Island, you must have the exact codestones that the Techo Master asked for. Just return to the Training School with the correct codestones in your items. Click on 'Status' and you will be taken to a page that lists all the courses your Neopets are currently on. It also shows you what codestones you need incase you have forgotten. To pay for the course, click on the 'Click here to pay' link. The codestones will be taken from you and your Neopet will be able to finish its course.

For the Swashbuckling Academy you will need to pay Cap'n Threelegs with Dubloons, unless he is being very generous and is giving away free training (like on your pet's day).

Where can I find codestones and dubloons?
Codestones and dubloons can be found all over the site. You may be lucky and find one on the floor. This is very rare, so dont bank on it :) Most commonly you will find codestones using the Shop Wizard. Click on 'Shops' then click on the blue wigwam in the toolbar. Then simply type in the type of codestone or dubloon you want, or just the word codestone or dubloon and the Wizard will try his best to find you a good deal.

The Mystery Island training school wont take my codestone, what do I do?
The Techo Master will ask for specific types of codestones. There are 10 different types and you will need to find the correct ones. If you try to give the wrong type, they will not be accepted. If you have forgotten what type you need, go back to the Training School and click on your Neopet's status. It will tell you how far through their courses your Neopets are, and what payment the Techo Master wants.