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Almost Abandoned Attic

Welcome! I am very happy to have a visitor. No one ever comes to visit me anymore. I wish someone who wasn't a ghost would help me clean up a bit but I guess that is too much to ask. Let me know if there is anything you want in the attic as I am the only one that still lives here and I can't really use any of it.

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  • Chomby Power Helmet
    1 in stock
    Cost: 12,808 NP

  • Sticky Quiggle Shield
    1 in stock
    Cost: 16,899 NP

  • Meerca Squirt Bottle
    1 in stock
    Cost: 10,500 NP

  • Haunted Shield
    1 in stock
    Cost: 33,400 NP

  • Spooky Petpet Bath Tub
    1 in stock
    Cost: 6,500 NP

  • Brilliant Blade of Brightvale
    1 in stock
    Cost: 31,020 NP

  • Halloween Decorative Banner
    2 in stock
    Cost: 3,060 NP

  • Tartan Snowball
    1 in stock
    Cost: 35,820 NP

  • Nurias Fire Amulet
    3 in stock
    Cost: 25,503 NP

  • Ice Club
    2 in stock
    Cost: 26,850 NP

  • Electro Sword
    2 in stock
    Cost: 31,510 NP

  • Spiked Skeith Boomerang
    2 in stock
    Cost: 23,000 NP

  • Stone Helmet
    2 in stock
    Cost: 30,635 NP