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Monthly Hi-Score Tables

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Remember, every night we award 750 Neopoints for the top score of every game, 500 for second, and 250 for third place. These high-scores are reset on the first of each month, but the scores in your user lookup are never deleted.

At the end of each day, the top seventeen people in each high score table get a prize... as follows:

  • First Place (1st to 3rd) - Gold Trophy and 750 Neopoints
  • Second Place (4th to 8th) - Silver Trophy and 500 Neopoints
  • Third Place (9th to 17th) - Bronze Trophy and 250 Neopoints

Current Games (click to see high scores)

200m Peanut DashAdvert Attack
Assignment 53Attack of the Gummy Dice
Attack of the MarblemenAttack of the Revenge
Attack of the SlorgsBalthazar Basher
Barf BoatBerry Bash
Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last StandBrain Tree Quest
Bruno's Backwoods BreakawayBumble Beams
Card CollectorCarnival of Terror
Castle BattlesCave Glider
Caves and Corridors: Mystery IslandChariot Chase
CheeserollerChemistry for Beginners
Chia Bomber 2Clockwork Codebreaker
Cloud RaidersCooty Wars
Crisis CourierDar-BLAT!!!
Darigan DodgeballDeckball
Defender TrainerDestruct-O-Match III
Dice EscapeDice of Destiny
Dubloon DisasterDueling Decks
Dungeon DashEdna's Shadow
Escape from Meridell CastleEscape to Kreludor
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the StarsExtreme Faerie Cloud Racers
Extreme HerderExtreme Herder 2
Extreme Potato CounterEye of the Storm
Faerie BubblesFaerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest
Faerie Cloud RacersFeed Florg
Food ClubFreaky Factory
Fruit MachineFrumball
GadgadsgameGhost Bopper
Gourmet Club BowlsGrand Theft Ummagine
Grumpy Old KingGwyl's Great Escape
Hannah and the Ice CavesHannah and the Kreludor Caves
Hannah and the Pirate CavesHannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure
Hasee BounceHot Dog Hero
Hubrid's Hero HeistHungry Skeith
Ice Cream MachineIgloo Garage Sale - The Game
Illusens GladeImperial Exam
Invasion: BlastoidsIsland Chef Academy
Itchy InvasionJhudoras Bluff
Jolly JugglersJubble Bubble
Jumpin' Gem HeistJungle Raiders
Kass BasherKiko Match II
Kiss the MortogKookia
Korbats LabKou-Jong
Kreludan Mining Corp.Legends of Pinball
Lenny ConundrumLet It Slide
Lost City LanesLost in Space Fungus
MAGAX: Destroyer IIMagma Blaster
Maths NightmareMeepit Juice Break
Meepit vs. FeepitMeerca Chase II
Moon Rock RampageMootix Drop
Mop 'n' BopMutant Graveyard of Doom II
Mynci Beach VolleyballMystery Pic
NeggSweeperNeopian Battlefield Legends
Neverending Boss BattleNimmos Pond
Nova DefenderPetpet Battles
Petpet CannonballPetpet Plunge
Petpet RescuePetpetsitter
Piper PanicPlushie Tycoon
Raiders of MaraquaReady to Roll
Revel RoundupRink Runner
RoodokuRuins Rampage
S.M.E.L.T.Sakhmet Solitaire
Scourge of the Lab JelliesSewage Surfer
ShapeshifterShenkuu River Rush
Shenkuu TangramShenkuu Warrior
Shenkuu Warrior IISkies Over Meridell
Slorgs in SpaceSmug Bug Smite
Snot SplatterSnow Roller
Snow Wars IISnowball Fight
Snowbeast SnackrificeSnowmuncher
Sophie's StewSorcerers' Skirmish
Splat-A-SlothStamp Collector
Stowaway StingSuper Hasee Bounce
Sutek's TombSwarm - The Bugs Strike Back
TNT Staff SmasherTecho Says
Terror Mountain TiltTest Your Strength
The Buzzer GameThe Castle of Eliv Thade
The Great Desert RaceThe Great Qasalan Caper
The Haunted ShooteryThe Last Blast
The Return of the Return of Dr. SlothThe Search for Princess Lunara
The Usul SuspectsTime Tunnel
Top ChopToy Box Escape
Trouble at the National NeopianTubular Kiko Racing
Tug 'O' WarTunnel Tumble
Turmac RollTyping Terror
Tyrannian Mini GolfTyranu Evavu
Ugga DropUgga Smash
Ultimate Bullseye IIUsuki Frenzy
Vending MachineVolcano Run II
Warf Rescue TeamWeb of Vernax
Wheeler's Wild RideWhirlpool
Wicked Wocky WobbleWingoball
Word PokerWord Pyramid
Wrath of the SnowagerZurroball