Rules of Godori

Godori is played with a deck of 48 cards. These cards are divided into 12 groups (each representing a Neopian land), with every group containing four cards.

To score points in Godori, you must capture groups of related cards. You capture cards by matching the cards that come from the same Neopian world. They must be matched in a group of 2 or 4 to capture. You score by capturing cards of the same type from different Neopian worlds.

The game is over when one of the players has scored at least 50 points at the end of a hand. If you win, you will be awarded 200np.

Examples of cards that match for capture:
Cards that belong to the same group for matching and capturing do not necessarily belong in the same group for scoring. Points are scored when you have captured combinations of the following types of cards:

Neopets Cards:

Petpet Cards:

Altador Cup Cards:

Neopian World Cards: (examples)

Each player plays two cards per turn. The first card is selected from the player's hand to play to the table. The second card is drawn from the top of the deck (on the right side of the screen) to match with a card on the table.

To play:
  1. Click on a card in your hand
  2. Click the matching card on the table. If you cannot make a match, click a blank placeholder on the table.
  3. A card will be automatically drawn from the deck and either matched to a card on the table or put in a blank spot.
  4. Any cards you've captured are moved to your capture area.
  5. Your opponent moves and captures.
Keep in mind that you can only capture cards if you have matched two or four cards. If there is a group of three matching cards on the table, they will remain on the table until the fourth card is matched. The player matching the fourth card captures all four.

Scoring Points
The following combination of cards scores points (Click here to view with card images):

  Set of 5 = 15 points
  Set of 4 = 4 points
  Set of 3, not including the Haunted Woods Neopets Card = 3 points
  Set of 3, including the Haunted Woods card = 2 points
  Set of 5 = 1 point
  Each additional over 5 = 1 point
  Group of 3 flying Petpet cards, not including the Crokabek = 5 points
Altador Cup
  Set of 5 = 1 point
  Each additional beyond 5 = 1 point
  Set of 3 waving flag cards = 3 points
   Set of 3 hanging flag cards = 3 points (The Haunted Woods flag doesn't count.)
  Set of 3 ribbon flag cards = 3 points
Neopian World
  Set of 10 = 1 point
  Each additional beyond 10 = 1 point

Special Cards
The following Neopian World cards count as two cards:

This card can be used as either a Petpet or Neopian World card for scoring:

A Few Helpful Hints
The scoring system may seem a bit complex at first, so be sure to check the scoring breakdown for the cards of you and your opponent after each game. Doing so might help you understand how the cards match up for scoring. Click on a player's score to see their scoring breakdown.

Additionally, if you're a Godori player who's just getting started, you might want to play at slow speed. Once you've got a good grasp of how the game is played, you can then speed things up.

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