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Kreludor Caves
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Neopia's favourite thrillseeking barmaid is back with an all-new adventure that's out of this world! Having already mastered caves of the ice and pirate varieties, Hannah's returned with a mission to make her way through the caves of Neopia's moon, Kreludor. Join this adventurous Usul as she advances from one cavernous mine to the next, gathering up keys and as much treasure as possible. Be brisk about it, though, and keep an eye on her oxygen and fuel levels -- otherwise it could be game over long before all fifteen of Kreludor's caves have been conquered.

Use your arrow keys to move Hannah and collect all the treasure chests to advance. Pick up fuel and oxygen tanks to make sure she doesn't run out, and collect the keys she needs to open doors and complete the level.

You can also use the editor to create your own levels for other Neopians to play through! Just launch the game and select the Level Editor to begin.

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