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Daily Dare

AAA postponed Daily Dare until summer this year, but then forgot about it and went off to Game Design Camp with Lulu. Uh oh... Fortunately, Abigail's been looking for an excuse to invite AAA's popular classmate Chadley around. It's up to Abigail and her new friend to make Daily Dare happen. Wasn't it so nice of Chadley to offer Abigail his help?

Daily Dare's done for another year, and don't think Abigail isn't a little relieved. AAA's got lots of plans for next time, though...

This Daily Dare will be totally cool, Abigail. That was a good call, letting me take charge. I always knew that your brother AAA was messing it up.
Thanks, Chadley. *blush* I have always admired your looks, I mean skills at gaming, of course. *nervous laugh*
Pretty epic, am I right? You've got to see me to believe the cool, so I put the cool where it should be seen! Which is everywhere, of course.
Wait, you don't think everyone is here just because of you, do you? They're here for the games, Chadley. You can't put your face everywhere!
Aw, I was just giving out free pictures of myself. No matter. With my popularity and your... my popularity, Daily Dare will be brilliant!
I guess not everyone appreciates your face as much as you do, Chadley. Oh well, at least we can enjoy playing games here at Daily Dare!
Today I'm offering a Team Challenge from the kindness of my heart. Bring your friends and you'll get more prizes. Hanging with me is just that rewarding.
Right, and I'm offering them, too. So pick a partner and come play for extra prizes! I love giving out prizes. It's always so much fun.
I've tried, but I can't help it. Awesome just flows through me like signals across neurons, or something. It must be thrilling, being near my awesomeness.
Oh, yeah. I'm having a real hard time concentrating... on not rolling my eyes. Guess I'll go play a game, you know, since it's Daily Dare and all.
I know I bring out a lot more fans than AAA ever did. I don't think he handles fame as well as me. I'm a natural. He's kind of a dweeb, you know?
Hey, that's not very nice. He's my brother -- only I can say things like that. And he handles the game playing part of Daily Dare just fine.
Daily Dare is such a great opportunity for my fans to follow my life. They can try to reach my amazing scores every day! I'm so glad for them.
You know... whatever. Today's a Double Dare, incidentally. Anyone who beats your score gets both our prizes. Thought I should mention.
What kind of uncool name is AAA, anyway? Does it stand for something? Because Chadley is short for Chadrick, which is much cooler.
It's short for Aristotle A. Avinroo. Anyway, isn't your nickname supposed to be shorter? Like... Chad? Or is that not 'cool' enough? Oh, nevermind.
Aw! I was hoping they'd have Faerieland back up in the sky by now. What's the hold up? Can't they just toss it or something?
Faeries aren't known for their beefy arms, Chadley. Also, I think it might keep going and hit Brightvale. Today's another Double Dare, by the way.
Hey, Abigail. Do you think this jacket still has that cool vibe? I was thinking I need to see my stylist soon. Got to keep my look fresh.
Yes, we mustn't disappoint your fans... *cough* I don't know, Chadley. Maybe you should try a thief jacket? Then again, clothes don't make the Neopet.
My fans are teaming up to meet me! That's so... cool! I'm glad I took over Daily Dare. It was a brilliant decision on my part.
Say, Chadley... shouldn't you be getting your next score ready? Somewhere else? You're giving me a headache. Anyway, I'm doing a Team Challenge too.
What's wrong, Abigail? You seem a little down. Hey, do you want me to sign your game controller? That ought to cheer you right up!
Uh... not really, but if it makes you happy, I guess. I'm fine. I just haven't gotten any postcards from AAA. He's at camp, not on the moon...
Shenkuu... that's cool. They should carve a statue of me into one of those mountains. They're kind of bare right now. It would be good for tourism!
I am not with this person. I just happen to be nearby. We are not associated with each other, and I'm not responsible for anything he says.
It's a Double Dare! That means you can challenge me and get TWO prizes! I know, I know, I'm so generous. It's just my natural charm, you see.
I never thought I'd say this, but I miss AAA. When we did Double Dares together, I didn't feel robbed. That's my prize you're giving out, Chadley.
You know, Abigail, a true gamer doesn't let negativity get him down. When it's dark out, you just turn on a light. And then you can see clearly again.
I can't tell if that was profound or just blindingly obvious. Pun intended. But yeah, I should look on the bright side. At least the games are fun.
Abigail, I'm having a reporter come by this afternoon. She wants to do an article on influential Neopians and how I've made Neopia a better place.
Ugh! You know what would make Neopia a better place… oh, forget it. You wouldn't understand, anyway. I'll be over here playing Daily Dare if you need me.
What's with all the frowny, Abigail? You're one of my biggest fans! I'm not feeling the adoration from you lately. That's not cool.
How could I have ever thought you were cool? I would have been better off running Daily Dare alone. Maybe I will next time. How bad could it be?
Sooo... you thought Chadley was my equal at Daily Dare? My dim-witted classmate with an unnatural fondness for admiring his own face?
You were gone! I had to do something for Daily Dare. I admit that I, uh, overestimated Chadley's abilities... in every respect... ugh, don't remind me.
Ahh, Daily Dare. Can you hear it? The sweet sound of gamers everywhere cursing my name. All because I'm the best gamer in Neopia. Right, Abigail?
You're never going to let me live this down, are you? Just remember, AAA, you're the one who forgot Daily Dare in the first place.
And that, my dear sister, is how you wrap up Daily Dare. With a bang! Or in this case, with a relaxing swim in Kiko Lake. What a nice summer it's been.
Well, I don't know about relaxing, exactly. But at least everything turned out all right in the end. Thanks for coming back, AAA.