Daily Dare

AAA has pulled a few strings to host Daily Dare up in the Virtupets Space Station this year, as the two siblings follow Lulu to make sure she doesn't get into trouble. Abigail is all worried about Lulu but AAA has his mind set on conducting the best Daily Dare event ever! Join them as they play games and give out prizes to those who can beat their scores.

Daily Dare is done for another year and AAA and Abigail are quite happy with how things turned out. With Lulu running off to the Virtupets Space Station, and AAA and Abigail having to follow her there, there were so many things that could've gone wrong! Abigail’s happy Lulu didn’t get into much trouble and AAA was preoccupied with playing and exploring the Space Station, so he didn’t pester her much. All is well and the siblings are back to bickering already! Until next year, then! Ta!