Round: 51
Demus and Kaleil are two very crafty little Kacheeks who live on Krawk Island. They decide to pay a visit to the Krawps table one day, and take their 'special dice'....

Demus had placed a spell on the dice, a minor enchantment mind you, but it was all he could manage. If the dice ever rolled a one or a two, his illusion spell would make the dice appear as if a six was rolled. Perfect! They were going to take those gambling pirates for every single Neopoint they owned <insert maniacal laugh here>.

Kaleil winked at Demus across the table, and pushed a pile of Neopoints onto the 11. They knew the odds were in their favour tonight! Demus knew that the enchantment on the first die was enough to last two rolls, and the enchantment on the second die (which was placed a minute later) was enough to last three.

The Question Is :

What is the probability of 11 coming up on the next four rolls of the dice? If you think the odds are twenty-to-one please enter your answer as 20, if you think its 234,100 to one enter 234100. Good luck!

Answer: 5832

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