Round: 452

The following five questions each has a five-letter answer. If you put the first letter of each answer together and rearrange them, you get the five-letter name of a famous Neopian.

These shy Neopets love to study nature.

This Petpet has a coconut-like appearance.

A delicious Neopian baked good: "Bitten _____ Muffin"

Kou-jong is _____'s favourite game.

Give him a sword of Maractite and he cannot be beaten.

Except, don't give us the name. After you rearrange the answers to form the name, submit the "word" that is formed when you take the fifth letter of the first word, plus the fourth letter of the second word, plus the third letter of the third word, plus the second letter of the fourth word, plus the first letter of the fifth word.

What is the word?
Enter just the five letters with no spacing or punctuation.

Answer: OARAH

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