Round: 450

The Bank Manager doesn't just take care of your Neopoints; he has his own, too. He doesn't work for free. Geesh.

After winning 20,000 NP on the Wheel of Excitement one day, he decided to go on a little shopping spree.

First, he visited Mystery Island, where he spent 15% of his winnings on delicious tropical food. After that, he takes a chance on the Tombola and wins, which adds 15% of his NP to his total. Then he stops at the trading post strikes a deal for some Jelly Sponge Cake at 8% of his NP.

And, being the smart bank manager that he is, he finally puts his Neopoints into a new bank account so he can save up and earn some interest.

After 10 days of collecting interest every day, at the maximum account level he can achieve each day, how many Neopoints will the bank manager have? Remember, bank interest is rounded up!

Enter just the number with proper number formatting. (So if you think the answer is one thousand one hundred and eleven Neopoints, enter 1,111.)

Answer: 18,026

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