Round: 441

"Eight! Three! Maths!" Dr. Ballard was quite excited and quite distraught all at the same time. A colleague of his had given him a puzzle that might drive him mad, if he wasn't so clever... and also handsome.

The puzzle? The good doctor was to take only two 8's and only two 3's, and any quantity/combination of the standard operators - plus, minus, multiply, and divide - to find an equation in which the result would equal 24.

He was not allowed to get fancy! Parenthesis were allowed, but no tricks. No cubes or squares or combining numbers to get another number. This was a test of pure maths skill.

And oh, would he pass it. He had to. You can't be a maths professor and not. That's preposterous.

What is the equation Dr. Ballard came up with?
Please enter just the equation with no spaces! (For example, "4+(4*4)=20"... only, you know, with the right answer.)

Answer: 8/(3-8/3)=24

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