Round: 43

It was Bingo Time in Neopia Central. Hundreds of young Neopets huddled over their cards, eagerly waiting for the numbers to be called. It was a rollover jackpot, and whoever completed their four corners first would walk away with a very handsome prize.

Mardall the Scorchio was the bingo caller. He reached down and picked up the first ball that fell out of the machine, it was 23.

Silence fell over the hall. Concentration was very important, as a single missed number could mean the difference between winning and losing. The next number called was 30, then 1, and then legs 11. A muffled giggle came from the back of the hall... somebody was ticking off their card.

Kelin was a young Nimmo who had come along to try his luck. He could only afford the one card, which meant, that compared to the other competitors he had little chance to win... but he knew deep in his heart that he was going to. 7 was called. Kelin smiled, marking off his bottom left corner, only three more to go!

Mardall's deep voice resonated across the hall. '6'. Kelin's heart leapt, that was his top left corner. 'Oh no, sorry I meant 9'. Mardall apologised, turning the ball the correct way up.

'61' came the next call, followed by silence. Kelin stared at the number 6. He concentrated, and stared, and hoped, and suddenly '6'. He could not believe his ears, frantically crossing off the number, he knew this was going to be his day, he was going to be rich.

The next numbers called were 52, 53 and 59. Somebody across the other side of the hall started to frantically scribble on their bingo card, but nobody called... Kelin gritted his teeth and waited patiently for the next number.

The number Kelin was hoping for, 81, was next to be called. Yes! Only one number left on his card... the prize was just a single step away...

The number 88 was called. 'YEEEEEESSSSSSSS', came the cry. The game was all over, it had been won.

The question is simply : Who had won the game of Bingo?

Answer: Boris the Kacheek

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